Are you looking to improve your mental fitness but don´t know where to start?

Do you shy away from competing, or choke in tough match situations?

The activities in the Mindfulness Mastery course will teach you techniques to help you develop the skills that are required to:

1.Respond better to the challenges of competing
2.Improve your self-belief
3.Enoy the competitive journey more fully
4.We can even use visualisation to improve physical skills

This course is for you if:-

-You´re a player looking to win more against the players you want to beat most.
-A parent wanting your child to develop mental toughness
-A coach wanting to better understand how these skills can help players and how to implement them.


Dr. Anthony Ross

Dr. Anthony Ross is a former Pepperdine All-American, Wimbledon competitor, and now tennis specific psychologist.

Over the last 15 years Dr. Ross has consulted to juniors of all standards including World # 1’s (several have gone on to become Top 100 ATP/WTA pros including a Grand Slam singles champion); National High School and NCAA championship winning teams and coaches; professionals winning ATP/WTA titles; as well as national organisations.

He currently consults to Tennis Australia Canberra Academy, North Carolina Men’s Tennis, SotoTennis Academy in Spain, and PJ Tennis Academy in Thailand.

Dr Anthony Ross, Mindfulness Mastery

How has Mindfulness Mastery helped other tennis players?

Novak Djokovic and Bianca Andreescu have said Mindfulness and Creative Visualisation skills are as important to them as physical training.

But what do players who´ve taken this course think?

"Each task helped me learn or gain understanding of an area of my game or myself while playing. Dr Anthony Ross gave me insight that I would probably never have had the opportunity to have, and are now valuable lessons I will take into every match or training session."

-Joe Kellet, GB Tennis Player

 10 x Modules:

You will complete one module per week. Each module has 1 mindfulness activity and 1 creative visualisation. You should complete each activity at least 4 times per week. The activities start off court, but move to on court later in the course.

Mindfulness Activities:

The course includes 10 x Mindfulness Activities that are of the sort that Novak Djokovic has said he practices each day and considers to be as important to his success as his physical training.

Creative Visualisations:

The course includes 10 x Creative Visualisation Activities that are of the sort that Bianca Andreescu reports that she has practiced since she was 12 years old. 

Enroll in Mindfulness Mastery and start improving your mental fitness today!


Mindfulness Mastery

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