Do you ever find yourself not quite knowing what to do on a tennis court?

Not quite sure where to hit the ball and what tactics to use?

The pros make it look so easy don´t they?!

That's because they've spent a lot of time studying and developing a game that they truly understand. This means that when they go out on the court they're very clear on what they want to achieve.

Sounds complex right? Not anymore!

In this course you'll develop an understanding of your game to help you be clearer on the court and ultimately win more!

You´ll learn about:-
-Common shots
-Patterns of play
-The importance of anticipation
-Much more in order to help you develop a clear gamestyle.

Maybe one day people will look at junior tennis players and say that they play like you! 

Learn through fun challenging exercises designed to expand your knowledge into game styles and what they look like in the sport of tennis.

Help gain clarity of your own game style and how you can apply it on court to your advantage.

Play smarter and win BIGGER!

Get tips on pre-match planning and post-match reflection.

You can follow the off-court based sessions from home or on the court.
The course is designed to be done alongside your existing tennis programme and at your own pace.

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