SotoTennis Academy has created a fun, engaging programme suitable for competition level players 13 and above as well as adult club players.

You will get stronger and more flexible, develop a clearer understanding of your own game from a tactical perspective. You will gain a clearer understanding of what mental toughness is and strategies to help train this. Lastly, you will be given technical insights and tips into how to volley like a top pro player.

The programme offers flexibility, as well as personalised support from the top International coaches who have brought the programme together.

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Professional Tennis Player, Ali Collins

"I've been using STA's online programme whilst in lockdown and it's something I would highly recommend to any player looking to develop themselves during these uncertain times.

I feel it's massively kept me motivated as I know I'm becoming a better tennis player, although I can't get on court at the moment. The visualisation exercises have been so beneficial and the attention strengthening exercises too. The tactical work has allowed me to really lock down on my identity /game style, whilst at the same time learning some key stats/data about the professional level."

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